Some Rather Savage Reads…

Scalped #1 - cover

Let’s face it. You are both cheap and skeptical. Such a combination does make for a personal demeanor suited to trying out new things. Especially things that aren’t free. Well my financially concerned friends, may I suggest a comic called Scalped? If judging this book by its awesome cover doesn’t get you interested immediately, then you should flip through the entire thing and see what I’m getting at.

“But how am I supposed to do that? Just make it come out of thin air?” YES, that is exactly what you’re supposed to do you penny pinching weirdo. Go here and get the entire first issue for zero dollars.

If for whatever reason that isn’t your brand of awesome, then you can check out the first issue of a bunch of other comics here, also for free. Other “big deals” include Preacher and Swamp Thing.

To whatever groans or whining you have to shoot my way as reasons for not checking out Scalped, to all those I say:

FUCK ALL THAT!(Taken from Scalped #1)

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