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a&o’s newest byproduct:

With the new year comes a new project by the fine folks of; a site driven by completely unoriginal content not unlike what you would find at a&o. Rather than writing new content, the new site will be a constantly updated collection of content provided by others. It is my esteemed pleasure to introduce to the world…


I’m excited about the new project/site/portal to nonsense that will cover the work of innumerable scourges of the Earth at as rapid of a speed as possible. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be excited about it either, especially if you frequent this poor excuse for a blog/site/sounding board of relatively disreputable schlock/sheer awesomeness.

As of today, is obviously still in the process of becoming completed, but the finishing touches aren’t far off. I’ve wanted to get this thing together for months, but because of reasons too boring to go into, both the new project and a&o had to suffer. I’m sure you pulled through these past couple of months though…just a wild guess from the 13,000 views that received last year. Speaking of, I want to sincerely thank every single person that checked this site out last year. We’re hoping things will be significantly different this year, especially when it comes to digging into the depths of the worst acting caught on film, the best hardcore bands you keep ignoring for the dumbest reasons, brain melting foreign oddities and other indescribably engaging ephemera.

So be sure to check out both sites whenever you get the chance…you never know what absurd and/or obscure stuff might get the honor of being uncovered.

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Monsters & Nonsense: “Useless” Japanese: Part 3

Trudging on to the latest installment of my attempting to pull out words/phrases/exclamations from a not-so-randomly selected installment of Daikaiju Battle Ultra Adventure , I present to you the following “useless” Japanese. I use the quotes, because honestly, if any of what you see below were truly useless, you’d never use any of it. Though, I can’t help but think that I’m going to have to talk about escaping, or even ultrasonic light waves…eventually (and quite possibly in the same sentence…hopefully?).

As I’ve tried to make resoundingly clear before, these translations are correct so far as I can tell, and the pronunciation for everything is written so that no prior knowledge of Japanese is required. Either way, giant monsters still rule and so does learning Japanese so that you can read comics about them.

what it means

how it’s pronounced

how it’s written

to suffer damage / to be deceived



ultrasonic light waves



Of course!



attack (e.g. a signature move; a noun, not a verb)



to say



to consider



concentration (not a verb; e.g. “to concentrate”)



or / or else



systemic absorption



to hit



to escape



to surpass



Wow! / Awesome!



to be exhausted






to creep up on






Google Translate and rikaichan are at it again. To tell you the truth, at this point it doesn’t even matter to me whether or not anyone else finds their blatant errors amusing, but I’m still putting them up here regardless.


came out as

Use (or) dental care (music).


came out as

Tail attack (tail this pep talk)


came out as

Each frog I


came out as


そうだ ガンQも いたんだ!!

came out as

Q is also likely to get cancer!

Considering this post is the final blow in my look at Daikaiju Battle Ultra Adventure and goofy translations in general (at least for the time being), try not to sulk for weeks on end about it. Chances are there’ll be more soon. Until then…じゃあね.


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Not LEGO, MEGO (or maybe it’s more like ME-go?).

Loving The Machine author Timothy N. Hornyak recently brought to my attention a little site called…and honestly, I’m a little pissed I forgot to tell (re-tell?) the world about it right away. Why wouldn’t you want to look at a site that’s full of awesome crap like what you see below?

Also, be sure to check out Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys!, a book devoted to Mego toys from days gone by.

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Perry Bible Fellowship VS. American Elf

…or Nicholas Gurewitch versus James Kochalka, either way is fine.

I’d feel incredibly weird if I just reposted their comic strips on here…so take my word for it, check out the work of both of these fine gentlemen if you haven’t already. They’re pretty awesome. And funny. They’re pretty awesome and funny.

The Perry Bible Fellowship strip (by Nicholas Gurewitch) can be found here. Numerous Kochalka Quality comics (by James Kochalka) can be found here and here. Enjoy.

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Gore Shriek

I recently got a hold of a copy of Fantaco’s 1989 Horror Yearbook and stumbled upon an ad for Gore Shriek, an ad (and comic) I wish I would have seen when I was younger (and far more impressionable). If I knew comics like this existed, then I would’ve dived into comics as a whole way earlier. I would’ve lost my shit if I got this for my 9th or 10th birthday.

I also had no idea that a lot of Gore Shriek issues were uploaded here for me to go nuts over so many years after they were initially released. I haven’t really had a chance to go through them yet, but I had to get this up here. I did get through the first issue issue though, and Gore Shriek gets my approval based on that one issue alone.


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Allow me to introduce…

(if you’re not already familiar with them already)

Final Girl

Same Hat!

The Horrors Of It All

I’m purposefully not including a description of any of these blogs because I want you to just check them out for yourself.

So go.

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The Art Of Suehiro Maruo

I don’t know what to say about Suehiro Maruo that the art he’s created cannot. The only thing that I can come up with is that it’s obvious that he’s completely out of his mind in the best way possible. I hate the fact that I’ve read almost none of his work, but then again, almost none of it is available in English. Sure there were a few books published here and there in the U.S., but there’s nothing left that’s widely available.

I’ve put together a brief overview of what’s available online in hopes that more than a few people will get more than a little interested in his work. Links to articles and et cetera are below. As always, double click on the larger images to blow them up.

Excerpt from The Comics Journal 2005 Special Edition

Suehiro Maruo books available through Amazon Japan

Article from Media/Culture Journal – Oct. 2004

Suehiro Maruo fan site and gallery

Suehiro Maruo on SAME HAT!

Suehiro Maruo’s official site

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