There’s too much out there that’s not worth giving a shit about…so what does it matter if I add to the pile?

There’s no one person that I’m acquainted with on any level that’s even remotely interested in any combination of the interests I have. Sure there are friends of mine that I share common ground with, but there’s little to no overlap.

In short, this page/site will serve as somewhat of an “educational device”; a resource of sorts for those that I know, have yet to meet, or may never come in contact with.

Visitors are encouraged to check back often, as this project will be updated often. If you do, it’s very possible that you will rewarding yourself be saying, “What the fuck IS this?” with some degree of regularity.

It’s also very possible that you will hate absolutely everything assembled here.

absurdandobscure on youtube

absurdandobscure on myspace

Feel free to add the banners below where ever you want.

a&o banner - 2

image size: 600 x 90

code: <a href=http://www.absurdandobscure.com>
<img src=https://absurdandobscure.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/ao-banner-2.gif border=0></a>

a&o banner - 1

image size: 409 x 86

code: <a href=http://www.absurdandobscure.com>
<img src=https://absurdandobscure.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/ao-banner-1.gif border=0></a>

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