Gundam Unicorn Coverage in Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby

Dengeki Cover - Feb. 2008


Hobby Japan Cover -  Feb. 2008

I didn’t plan on buying both of these, but it didn’t take much for me to convince myself to get not one hobby mag featuring the new Unicorn kit, but two. Why though? Why get both? Well, from the perspective of a total dork, I thought it would be cool to have as much stuff about the new Unicorn kit as possible in addition to having the kit itself. From the perspective of a dork interested in the reception, marketing, reviewing and presentation of the new kit, I thought it would be cool to critically compare and contrast both magazines. Then I started looking them over…

and my head exploded.

They both do a great job of showing you just why the Gundam Unicorn kit is such a big deal; well at least with their respective visual presentations anyway. I can’t fairly say much of anything about the writing in either considering the fact that I’m nowhere near fluent enough in Japanese to comment on that crucial aspect. Then I thought that “critically” comparing them might be a bit much, and just went for what I can comment on. Frustrating indeed. For everything else, check out how both stack up below.

Best Cover: Dengeki Hobby
Best Price: Hobby Japan
Best Poster: Dengeki Hobby
Best Photography: Tie
Best Layout/Design: Hobby Japan

Best Overall: Hobby Japan

The best part is that the Unicorn coverage is only the tip of the nerd-berg. In addition to what you’d expect, the Votoms and NZ-666 KSHATRIYA coverage (read: awesome photography) is great in both. Highly recommended.

Since I know you’d rather look at what I’ve been writing about instead of just reading what I’ve been writing, I’ve put up all the Unicorn content from both issues (minus the interviews with the creators) in .pdf format. It astounds me that there’s nothing that even comes close to this in America. What’s more is that in either of these mags, the scans below don’t even make up one tenth of the entire issue!

Gundam Unicorn in Hobby Japan

Gundam Unicorn in Dengeki Hobby

> If you can find these, you’re obviously encouraged to actually BUY them. <

Also, I tried to make it a point to get decent scans so that the editable /OCR text would read as clearly as possible. Unfortunately, it looks like it only works on the westernized (horizontal) format. It’s not a big deal though, you can always use the snapshot tool or whatever. For whatever reason, the Hobby Japan scans came out better than the scans from Dengeki Hobby. I’m gonna guess that it had something to do with HJ being just barely bigger than my scanner itself.

If you want to get a copy of either of these, or if you just want to find out more about either magazine, you can check out the Dengeki Hobby site here and the Hobby Japan site here.

If you’re totally out of your mind and you want to see even more of the kit itself, I’d recommend checking out Runners and manual scans can be found here and shots of the “armorless” Unicorn frame/skeleton can be found here.

Lastly, I want to say that I hope this encourages at least a handful of people reading this to send in photos of their own painted and assembled kits. If not that, then I hope they’ll at least check out either mag or look into the Gundam shows, movies or kits if they haven’t already.

Thanks for reading!

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