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Hardcore Of Weekend – Sunday – The Records… (03.30.08)

I passed on making it out to see The First Step at Beat Kitchen the day after the last Repos show and decided I’d just run through whatever it was that I got a hold of Friday and Saturday. Click photo of you choose to make big.

The Repos – “Ending On a Positive Note”

The last record that The Repos recorded before breaking up this past weekend is them playing nothing but, believe it or not, Youth Of Today’s “We’re Not In This Alone” all the way through. This record is so good that I can’t wait for the arguments to start over which record is better.

Sure the original is pretty unfuckwithable, but at the same time, the fact that The Repos had the balls to cover the whole fucking thing and do it well adds a different feel to every one of these songs. It breathes breath after barbarous breath into songs I’ve already heard tons of times, but now want to listen to all over again. I can’t imagine these savages practicing forever to get every note perfect on this record, and you can tell they didn’t. These guys made an already awesome record their own in the best way they could. Well, save for the fact that the drums don’t sound so hot, even for a hardcore record. This is more than made up for by the drum track being played backwards on the last song. Such a genius idea. I hate to not give credit where it’s due, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these weirdos had X number of records in their own individual collections that had some similar sonic tomfoolery on it. No matter how you look at it, it’s still an awesome idea to steal. Other nonsense: the record plays at 45 rpm and has no track listing or credits of any kind. Every page in the book that comes with this LP is more of the same of what you see above. I’ve also heard that some LPs didn’t come with inserts. Harsh.

It’s just too bad The Repos didn’t decide release their own version of Youth Of Today’s unintentionally hilarious video for “No More” along with the record! This is easily the best record I’ve bought in ages though I can’t escape the irony that none of the songs on it are originals. Bottom line: this is vastly superior to Youth Of Today doing reunion shows because you can tell that The Repos are playing these songs for fun and not to cash in something they did two decades ago. The intensity of either experience is inarguably on par with one another.

Weekend Nachos – nacho shaped 8″ & Life Trap – “Bleak Reality” E.P.

Much to my surprise, whoever designed and silkscreened this one sided record did a pretty good job. I’ve seen this done a few times before, but this is probably the highest quality screening I’ve ever seen on a record. I don’t know how or why these dudes and/or the label that put this out ended up pressing the playable area of the record at 8″, but it adds to overall bizarre appeal of the release itself.

As far as the aural innards of this record are concerned, I’d say that they end up sounding like they’ve been mastered poorly, or just flat out wrong. The whole thing is too bassy and quiet. I can understand jumping to the conclusion that more bass equals a thicker sound, but why and how did it end up being so quiet? Sure I can just turn up my stereo but… Musically it’s just what I was expecting: Cookie Monster singing over fast parts and sludge parts. The lyrics are also what I was expecting though it was funny to hear a guy that I know personally to be genuinely frustrated and angry but always physically nonviolent sing about smashing heads into walls and killing people; a situation which is possible, though highly unlikely.

The Life Trap 7″ however sounds fine musically and lyrically, but doesn’t arouse my senses as much as the WN record. This is perfect for being blasted daily at any given skate park the world over but it’s not anything I haven’t heard before. I’m definitely into the cover though. So much so that I, in person, told the guy who designed it (who also does vocals) how much I liked it.

Mindless Mutant #4 & Herpes #3

The Weekend Nachos summer tour journal in MM is pretty awesome/unbelievable, but why did it take so long to get written and printed? The Repos interview in Herpes is solid and highly recommended. The editor of Mindless Mutant had made a comment in passing to the editor of Herpes saying that The Repos sound like what Youth of Today would sound like if they were serial killers. To capitalize on this comment, The Repos interview is not accompanied by photos of the band, but by classic YOT photos with famous serial murderers’ heads pasted over the faces of Cappo and the rest of the now infamous clean cut virtuosos! Such an awesome idea. Both also contain reviews, interviews and their own fun, individual and interesting take on hardcore. I really can’t recommend one over the over and I wish more ‘zines were like this.

Posters for both shows

Last but not least I want to say that I sincerely hope that after seeing these posters that more people are prompted to make proper posters for shows more often and not just weak “e-flyers” to put on people’s MySpace profiles. It’s also mind boggling that it took this long for me to see Caravaggio’s “Judith Beheading Holofernes” used as a flyer for a show.


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Awesome Book Week: Day 7 – Town Of Hardcore Zineography

I saved the best for last…

TOH book - front

Anyone who claims to know anything about hardcore will tell you that Town Of Hardcore was not only one of the only hardcore fanzines worth reading since the dawn of the new century, but it was the best hardcore fanzine since the narrowly avoided faux technological apocalypse. Anyone who says otherwise is either illiterate or has their heads up their ass when it comes to musical taste (…or is from Europe).

There’s no question that this ‘zine was consistently excellent. Town Of Hardcore somehow found a way to provide insightful, interesting content about a subculture that was (and still is) dominated by shallow, boring “people” that could not be any less creative. I found very few problems with Town Of Hardcore both stylistically and content-wise. It’s hard to speak ill of any publication that covered the best bands hardcore had to offer, and covered them well.

I got a hold of this from the young gentlemen at Eating Rats Records and was lucky enough to pre-order it in enough time to get the 7″ you see below. As for the book itself, it contains every issue of TOH as they originally appeared except for the original contact info being blocked out. Also included are a few ads for TOH, the “issues” that writer/editor Steve Wiltse did in between full-fledged, proper issues, and an old zine that Steve did. I was expecting that these guys wouldn’t drop the ball on the effort required to collect each issue into a book, but I wasn’t expecting that there’d be anything more than that. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

TOH book - back

Another surprise that I wasn’t expecting was getting this book and 7″ shipped to me in a fucking manila envelope. JUST a manila envelope. A single, thin piece of paper glued and taped shut, which gave absolutely zero protection to a book that I’d been waiting months for. These guys definitely shit the bed on that one. I understand trying to cover costs while keeping the price of what you’re releasing fair, but fuck…not at the cost of what I paid for possibly getting beat to shit before I get it! I’m lucky that the 7″ didn’t arrived snapped in half with a book that was bent and dented to the point of illegibility. I’ve also heard that quite a few other people received their book sans ingenious packing paraphernalia. Point is, if you’re going to get this (which I highly recommend), you’ll probably have to mail-order it. Just make sure you give these guys an extra buck or two so they can send the book in something appropriate.


– The Town Of Hardcore Zineography is incredible. You need to get it immediately.

– If you don’t like Town Of Hardcore, or think you wouldn’t like it, then you’ve probably chosen to cultivate a lifestyle and taste in music that you refer to as hardcore that leads me to believe that you are irreversibly mentally deficient.

I want to thank everyone involved with the original Town Of Hardcore ‘zine and those involved that helped get it back in print. I also want to thank the bands that were worth writing about, old and new – without them there would’ve been no TOH.

In short: Straight up…Town Of Hardcore.

TOH book - 7″ Side A

TOH book - 7″ Side B

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Punch In The Face interview in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #296


I put this up because I have a feeling that one of the following applies to you:

– You have no idea who this who band is, but you might still think this interview is funny and interesting.
– You know this band and you like their new record a lot, but didn’t know this interview was even available.
– You know and like this band, you know that this issue of MRR is available and that there’s a Punch In The Face interview in it, yet you live in some alternate universe where you think that not buying things that you’ll like is a good idea for some reason.

If you’re into Punch In The Face, then stop dragging your feet and get this already. If you’re a total maniac, you’d buy two issues, tear out the interview in both and have the whole thing framed. Somebody do this and send me a photo…please? Enjoy. (Click on each image twice to blow it up and make it legible.)

PITF page 1 PITF page 2 PITF page 3 PITF page 4

You can get this at probably any record store on the planet, or you can order it.

If you don’t know who these guys are or what they sound like, you can get yourself acquainted by going here.

Of course, you could always buy the record from the band.

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