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Either I have a lot of friends,

or people that I don’t even know are checking this thing way more often than I expected. Especially considering that I’ve barely touched this site/page/blog/apparatus/display of technological wizardry in two whole months.

…and for that, I sincerely apologize.

I never figured out how to get an e-mail address that’s more official sounding than absurdandobscure at gmail dot com, but whatever, it’ll do. So if there are any lurkers out there who used to (or maybe still?) look at this thing, feel free to send me a picture of your record/toy/high five/cat collection.

Why haven’t I been putting up totally interesting/nonsensical/witty content for so long you ask? Was I riding elephants in India? Was I windsurfing in Iceland?  Was I buying thousands of dollars worth of wax at Amoeba? Unfortunately the answer to all of those is, “No.” The stupid part is that I wasn’t even doing anything amazing. Well, not every day for two months straight anyway.

See you at G-Fest.


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More Japanese Kids Stuff


Terebi Magazine March 2008 - suit and helmet

Given the string of good luck (and fun) that I’ve had with other comics and magazines geared towards younger kids that I’ve gotten a hold of recently, I figured I’d roll the dice on something random again and see if my luck decided to run out or not. Judging by the contents of this month’s issue of Terebi Magazine, my streak shows no signs of wavering. Continue reading


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Awesome Book Week: Day 4 – Super7 Mook


If you’re already familiar with Super7, then you either already have this or want this really, really bad but you’re too much of a cheapskate to shell out the bread to call it your own. If you have no idea who or what the fuck Super7 is, here’s an abridged introduction: these maniacs have a rabid affinity for soft vinyl toys and toys in general that are weird/cool looking and/or are impossible to find. The Super7 team also has friends that are equally enamored with collecting. So enamored that I’m willing to bet that anyone featured in this book has treasure chests full of insanity that would put to shame any hipster’s paltry Dunny “collection.”

Continue reading

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“Bring me the head of Kamen Rider!”

This month’s issue of Hyper Hobby included the Kamen Rider mask that you see above, and believe it or not, it was easier to put together than it was to take photos of. Even though I was fighting my glasses while trying to get decent photos of this 2 ¼” helmet (antennae included) without a macro lens or a tripod, I still feel like I did alright on them. If I knew that someone besides myself was going to get excited about this “kit” then I would’ve spent more time with it and done a better job. Either way, I’m sure both you and I will somehow find the strength to carry on.

Even the box that this came in is awesome.

Hyper Hobby box

I’ve never seen a combination of blue and brown like this, never mind that such a color combination would be used to depict a hero that an incredibly large majority of the American populace has never seen or heard of. I’ll admit, I’ve heard of the (original) Kamen Rider, but I’ve never actually seen the show…which nearly leads me to infuriation. Here we have yet another example of an internationally known phenomenon that should be available on this side of the planet, but isn’t. Maybe that’s part of the appeal? I’m sure that if I grew up with all the different versions of Kamen Rider then maybe I wouldn’t be as interested in this assemblage of plastic as I am now.

More proof of my enthusiasm:

Kamen Rider helmet - front

Kamen Rider Helmet - held

Kamen Rider helmet - out of focus

“What’s to like?” you say. “It’s some weird bug mask thing with these cheap-looking retractable antennae and a mouth that has some bear trap type apparatus going on.” That’s exactly the strain of thinking that made me buy this, and that’s exactly why I want to see the show so bad.

Here’s a photo of the magazine and it’s contents.

Hyper Hobby 01.08 Hyper Hobby 01.08 - contents

(…and yes, that is a photo of a particularly uninterested looking Rick Rubin that I added for no reason.)

Even before I bought this month’s issue of Hyper Hobby (maybe three or four weeks ago), the details of the bug-eyed helmet stuck with me well enough for me to sketch the “drawing” below when I should’ve been studying for finals.


Kamen Rider sketch


Ironically enough, someone sent in a photo of their kids decked out in Kamen Rider masks in the same issue.

Kamen Rider kids

It’s okay, you can admit that you wish that they were your kids.

All this effort and I haven’t even seen the show…apparently I’m out of my mind. Or maybe I’m just that excited about it? How about we settle on a combination of the two? You know, just for the time being?


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ヘドラ vs. The Smog Monster

Hedorah photo by Geozilla

This photo of this particularly awesome Hedorah (ヘドラ in Japanese) sofubi was shot by self-proclaimed toy collector and aficionado Geozilla (his real name is George). You can view a higher quality version of this photo, and others in George’s collection here. You can also read his blog.

…and there’s no real joke with “ヘドラ vs. The Smog Monster” either…it just irks me when the same character has different names in different languages. I mean honestly, The Smog Monster is kind of lame. They could’ve gone with Filth Flesh or The Monarch of Grime or something…

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