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“Screaming, Savage Blood Death!”

After I heard a radio spot for The Corpse Grinders a month or so ago, I felt like I had to see it the first chance I got. Somewhere along the line (maybe from The Horrors Of It All?) I found out that the plot revolved around deranged, flesh eating cats. Deranged, human flesh-eating cats. After I found that out, I had no reason not to watch this schlock as soon as I possibly could. Not only did I decide that I had to watch it, but that I had to take screen shots of it too. It’s that bad. Bad in the best way possible.

If you’re looking for a review of The Corpse Grinders, I suggest going here. Or you could just watch the trailer and scroll through the screen shots below and save yourself the time. That suggestion might actually be a little unfair as I definitely back this movie, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t either. Take a look at the screens below and Continue reading


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Forbidden Transmission public access TV show

I don’t even know how to describe this show other than by pointing to the preview above. According to the blog on their MySpace profile, every half hour episode is chocked full of “brain-melting video weirdness” … the truth is that I can’t really disagree with them. Each themed episode packs together all sorts of nonsense into a sweet baklava of bizarre fit for any ADHD ridden individual. I suggest that you allow Forbidden Transmission to start invading your brain and rotting it immediately.

You can download the entire series here, or you can get a hold of Skeleton Farm Productions (who painstakingly sews together each installment of slop) here.

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