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Heavy Metal Parking Lot: Metalhead Idiocy Immortalized

It’s movies like this that I have to insist on everyone watching at least once; assuming that they’re somewhat in touch with stuff that doesn’t suck.

Before YouTube, before anything close to what people commonly refer to as viral videos, there were irredeemable pieces of shit being shown at theaters across the country for decades. Sure there were diamonds among the sludge, but so much of the rest of that schlock had nowhere near as much appeal as Heavy Metal Parking Lot; and it never even had a proper theatrical release! Heavy Metal Parking Lot as a concept isn’t really that extraordinary, but the results certainly are. Watch it Continue reading


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Gaahl Speaks!

 Apparently there are some people that still haven’t seen this. If you haven’t…enjoy.

Gaahl, from metal band Gorgoroth, gets interviewed for a documentary that somehow made it’s way on to VH1. It wasn’t on Best Week Ever either.

The whole thing is alright actually, and was definitely the best thing that’s ever been on VH1.

If you’ve already seen this, then you know where I’m coming from. Those that haven’t can rent it or get it at Amazon. Of course, if you wanted to be as intense as this guy, I guess you could buy it at your local metal record store/dungeon and then watch it in your own private wine cellar.

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