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Elite Banana Banao

Don’t even pretend like you wouldn’t shell out just short of two bucks to have one of these.

Elite Banana Banao

I’m personally a fan of the sweaty, nervous banana. Obviously he is a very busy banana and is under a lot of stress. However, the suave looking tuxedo banana closer to the middle is pretty cool and collected. There’s also a cat sitting on top of a banana, and a banana relaxing with some wine. I have no idea why the easy chairs/amorphous blobs are different colors though.

These are made of soft vinyl and come in a plastic capsule (like what you’d find at the exit of a grocery store) and are 2 ½ inches tall…just in case you wanted to know.

What annoys me is that I see stuff like this all the time online or in magazines and I never order them because I’d feel like a total idiot ordering just one. If they were at the grocery store by my place though…

…but I mean really, what do we get for key chains and cell phone charms in America?

Oh, that’s what I thought…

stupid keychains      nascar phone charms

More Elite Banana Banao can be found here.

(The Elite Banana Banao scan was also from the Nov. ’07 issue of Quanto.)


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