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You Are Already Excited About the Rerelease of Fist of the North Star

serious Ken

Discotek is going to release a long overdue North American version of Fist of the North Star (aka Hokuto no Ken) this May. Though they’ve done well with previous asian oddities (Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs, Burst City), I’m holding my breath to see just how good or bad the quality of the release is. Having just recently watched a clean VHS copy of the English dub, I’m very aware that anything could be better than what original western audiences were subjected to years ago, but here’s hoping that the countless limb severing and head explosion scenes in this version cause my TV to bleed through my carpet.

For those who are in the unfortunate position of having never seen the feature-length film before, other than pleading with you to watch it, I don’t know what else to say to you besides, “This franchise is such a big deal that at one point, you could (can?) even get Hokuto no Ken instant ramen.”  What started out as a comic written by a guy whose name sounds like a Japanese person saying “Bronson” made it’s way past the world of video games with the hopes of entering your stomach.



More images of manly, hyper-violent noodles can be found here. If you’re reading this long after this post has been made, you can check out Discotek’s news page for updates and availability.


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Sometimes I like the internet…but only sometimes.

I’d like it more often if it put more stuff like this in front of my eyeballs.

The tattoo of UFO Robo Grendizer above as well as the painting below were done by a certain individual from France by the name of Topsiturby.

Check out more of his work here, or be his internet buddy here.

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悪魔くん VS. ブースカ

I’d like to thank Japan for making the DVD box sets for both of these shows the complete opposite of affordable.

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(Seller will not ship internationally.)



The End.

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So inappropriate…

Galaxy Express 999 - crop

The best part about this isn’t the totally hilarious price, but the fact that there’s an option that allows you to forward this to a friend. What friends do you have that would willfully trade three grand (plus shipping) for these? What friend does anyone have that would pay that much? Answer: no one.

Anyone willing to burn that much money on this can’t possibly have any friends.

Just in case some guy can’t get enough Maetel and absolutely needs to get this, I put up a screenshot of the page to archive the hilarity for months to come in case this manages to somehow disappear from eBay at that price.

Galaxy Express 999

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Awesome Book Week: Day 1 – Super #1 Robot

Super #1 Robot

This is a quick, informative history of Japanese robot toys from the days of yore that you never had a chance to buy because you weren’t even born yet. Bullmark, Takara, Clover, Ark, Takatoku, Popy and other companies that you’ve never heard of are covered in Super #1 Robot. This book is made up mostly of incredible photos of giant robots taken by Tim Brisko, while the remainder of the book is made up of text (in English) that has been researched by giant robot nerd extraordinaire, Matt Alt. If you haven’t heard a thing about it, let me just say that this book is a great look at why these types toys and this genre in general has remained popular for more than a quarter of a century. My only gripe is that it’s on the small side – maybe a little smaller than your outstretched hand. Though realistically, how many other people besides robot dorks like myself would shell out twice as much money for a book that’s twice as big? I would guess not enough to warrant the production costs of a larger book. Too bad. Here’s hoping that Matt, Tim and friends team up to do another book like this.

You can flip through a few pages of Super #1 Robot at Amazon if the name and cover of the book aren’t interesting enough. A better example would be to go read some of what Matt Alt has written and to see some photos that Tim Brisko has taken.


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“This movie raped my eyes.”

This is a direct quote taken from the IMDB entry for Ninja Resurrection. Also, this is actually an OVA, but whatever…

Ninja Resurrection cover

Sure I could write a lengthy review for this, but I would just basically be trying to find interesting ways to say that the character designs are nothing special and that it ends up being pretty flat overall. “Why even put it on here then?” GREAT QUESTION…glad you asked. Even though there are heads on stakes, innocent children getting killed, and both Satan and samurais are involved, Ninja Resurrection is nothing crazy. I’ll give you a second to reread that last sentence…

How can a recipe for such a deliciously perverse feast come out…so…boring? It’s like fucking up macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles. Sure, there’s some effort required, but both can be satisfying unless you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. Then you’re just a terrible person. I got this cheap, and I didn’t hate it, but that’s about as much of an endorsement as you’re going to get from me for Ninja Resurrection. In fact, I don’t even feel guilty for not taking screen captures of it.

Before watching this I looked around online for a second to see what other agoraphobic shut-ins had to say about this. It was then that I stumbled into a puddle of misinformed crybaby tears. As mentioned above, these quotes are all taken from IMDB. Not only did they get me excited about watching this, but they’re probably about as good as the OVA itself.

“…this movie raped my eyes. This movie forcibly shoved unwanted imagery into my skull.”

“…if you like super disturbing anime gorefests that go beyond the definition of gore, then this is the one for you.”

“The blood and gore factor is excellent.”

“extremely violent”

“I hated this movie.”

“A revolting movie for gore-buffs only”

“…the violence is stomach-churningly gross and repellent.”

“Wow. Very offensive.”

Just what the fuck are these individuals watching? After watching Ninja Resurrection all the way through, it’s as if their comments suggest that the harshest thing any of them have ever seen is Are You Afraid Of The Dark? or maybe Tales From The Crypt.

The bottom line is that this isn’t worth seeking out, yet some how not terrible. I would recommend holding off on trying to get it until your loser older brother or fat roommate try to sell it to you for a dollar in an attempt to scrounge up money for their rent because they do nothing but try to smoke their dreadlocks all day.

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