Napalm Death “Street Art”

On the whole, I wouldn’t say that I’m uninterested in the idea of “street art”, it’s just that so much of it is boring or terrible or both. I only pay attention to a few creative types around town, and I take more than a quick glance at what’s going on outside of Chicago whenever a site, book, magazine, DVD or whatever makes it’s way in front of me. I look for it, but not all the time. Sometimes stuff like this finds me.

It’s cool to see “punk art” taken entirely out of the context of the “punk scene/world/microcosm/death trap”. It’s a lot cooler that this is stuck somewhere where a lot of people will see it, as opposed to being slapped on some dirty wall in some decrepit punk shanty house where it would get lost in a sea of stickers of terrible bands. I don’t know exactly what whoever made this was going for or what their motivation was, or even if they were going for an intentional stab at referencing the band before the sticker was drawn.

Whatever the reason behind drawing this – which I hope is not an attempt at trying to be any level or combination of cool or ironic – at the end of the day, it’s a sticker of an eyeless, googly-faced monster guy with Napalm Death written on the brim of his hat. I can’t not back that.

I also wish I would’ve taken a photo of this with a real camera and not a camera phone. Then again I kind of feel like that’s the point. Something like this is fun to look at and talk about for a short while, but its being as an idea or entity as something that deserves enough excitement to go back and take another photo of is questionable. Sure a better photo would be nice to have, but it would be unnecessary. Similar to this sticker itself. Besides, it could already be covered over, or in the process of being covered over or ripped off as I type this. Whatever…I’ll probably go back and take a better photo of it.

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