10 responses to “I’m Blacklisting Blacklisted

  1. 3wolfey3

    I understand where you are coming from, but…

    How can you really discount a band because of having a Jordan logo on their cover? It’s one thing if you don’t like the music. But having a corporate logo on a album cover has nothing with their music. And since when did being involved in punk and hardcore had anything to do with wether you like Nike or Jordan’s or not? Never. Now honestly, I don’t know much about Blacklisted, but from what I have heard I am not too much into to them either.

    “What do you think you’re saying to (relatively) younger hardcore kids that like your band? That it’s not just okay, but that it’s cool to spend insane amounts of money on Jordan shit?” – If you have the money and that is what you like! I always thought it was what is in the lyrics not what is on the fucking album cover that defines a hardcore/punk band.

    Futhermore, “That being a walking advertisement for a company that’s infamous for exploiting its workers is okay?” – I mean look at the t-shirts almost every harcore/punk band has. Thier design is printed on a t-shirt company that uses sweatshops to mass produce thier product as well. The only difference between Hanes and Nike is Nike made the news. Come on dude.

    The biggest thing to me that does and always will define a punk and/or hardcore band is the live show. I gain more from talking to a band and feeling them out and who they stand for than what the fuck is on their album cover. Honestly, who gives a fuck. Maybe Blacklisted likes Air Jordan’s . I don’t know and I don’t really give a shit. If Blacklisted is worth listening to, than when I get an opportunity to see them live they will prove that to me. Not their album cover.


  2. absurdandobscure

    My point is this:

    If anyone unfamiliar with Blacklisted and this particular 7″ were to look at the aforementioned image above by itself, taken out of the context of being the cover of a record (e.g. as a .jpg image viewed online), then I’m pretty positive that a large majority of those people would assume that the image itself was an ad for Nike. Which makes sense because that’s exactly what it looks like.

    Also, please proofread your comments before posting them.

  3. 3wolfey3

    Yeah, I’ll give you that, if I saw that image without the beforehand knowledge of knowing what it was, I would probably think it was an ad for Nike. I just really disagree with people riding off bands for something other than what they stand for and sound like musically. I understand that you dislike Blacklisted for other reasons than the Nike logo centered on their album cover. But, from the way your post read, it sounded like if any band did something similar you wouldn’t like them.

    Did I make a gross spelling error?

  4. absurdandobscure

    It is because of that cover that I have chosen to not have anything to do with Blacklisted and that’s the sole reason why I now refuse to support them. If any other band did something similar, then the chance is incredibly likely that I would react in the same way.

    A spelling or grammar error is still an error no matter how “gross” it is.

  5. Love BL.

    Hate that record art, and the fact that being a Nike “sneakerhead” is considered acceptable and commonplace in hardcore.

    I’m sure I’m guilty of other brand-ism atrocities, but I feel like Nike is the easiest one to avoid. How is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t get that Nike and McDonalds are the most fucked of the fucked corporate exploits?

    In the long run, I guess it won’t be the first or last time I think that this subculture is filled with fucking apathetic scum.

    Your blog is surprisingly well-kept my friend, and friend of Asian women everywhere.

  6. Bob

    I just wanted to interject that, yes, Nike has sweatshops, just like most of the major corporations that produce what we as Americans use everyday. But unlike most, not all, sweatshop conditions, at a Nike plant, the conditions are ten times more humane and the company actually pays their employee’s (slaves) ten times (give or take) more than the other companies that set up sweatshops in third world countries.
    We all have to choose the lesser of two evils.

    But I do in fact hate Nike, I am playing devil’s advocate.

    & as for McDonalds… that place is without a doubt, the most fucked up company, with or without its corporate nonsense. The ingredients of the food itself is blasphemy.

  7. In this strange world we live in idiots are given megaphones. Are you aware that a live photo was taken of the singer wearing a Flight sweatshirt with the logo on the front which happened to be set dead center in the art work? The artwork was not done by any of the members of the band. And when it was brought to the bands attention that the jumpman logo made it into the layout the art was already sent to the plant thus being too late. Are you also aware that members of the band were unhappy with that logo being in the layout?

    Maybe you should investigate these things since they bother you so much. If you are going to post your uber intelligent rhetoric on the internet at least know your subject matter and honestly in the future you might want to just keep your tounge in your mouth or your fingers off the key board.

    -love and communication

  8. absurdandobscure

    First off I’d like to say how funny I thought it was that you immediately alluded to calling me an idiot, yet refer to what I’ve written as “uber intelligent”… I’ll ignore the uncreative name calling, but I’d like to thank you for the compliment.

    I would assume that the the photo used on the cover is a live shot. There’s no reason for me to think that the photo of Blacklisted’s singer was posed for while not playing live. I’m also very aware that after said photo was taken, someone (not in the band according to you) decided it was a good idea to purposely place it in such a way that the Jumpman logo was the central focus of this record cover. As I’ve been saying from the start, this is my main – and only – problem with the artwork.

    However, if it’s true that Blacklisted did not create the cover for this record (which I have no reason not to believe), then it is absolutely beyond me why they didn’t demand that they approve whatever cover art was created before this record sleeve was printed and why they didn’t try to stop it from being released. If it’s true that Blacklisted allowed such a ridiculous thing to happen without their consent and then continued to use this cover for subsequent pressings of this record anyway, then that makes me like Blacklisted even less.

    As for your recommendation to “investigate these things”: How exactly should I have investigated this issue? Ask the band directly? Ask their label (Deathwish)? Do you honestly think that if I got a response at all, that it would’ve been anything more than, “Are you fucking serious? Fuck you.”?

    I fail how to see I don’t fully understand my subject matter regarding my initial post. I’ve seen the cover, I’m aware of Nike’s infamous, unfair corporate business practices, and I can clearly see how they negatively relate to one another as the cover to a hardcore band’s 7″. I also make no apologies for not accepting whatever excuses that Blacklisted, Deathwish, or whoever did the design and layout for this cover have to give. If Blacklisted really wanted a different cover, then I’m sure they would have made a new one, or had one made, but it’s obvious that they don’t care enough to fix something that they obviously don’t see as a problem. Which is, again, why I want nothing to do with this band.

  9. Toni

    What about Minor threat salad days cover?

  10. absurdandobscure

    You’re kidding right?

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