Gore Shriek

I recently got a hold of a copy of Fantaco’s 1989 Horror Yearbook and stumbled upon an ad for Gore Shriek, an ad (and comic) I wish I would have seen when I was younger (and far more impressionable). If I knew comics like this existed, then I would’ve dived into comics as a whole way earlier. I would’ve lost my shit if I got this for my 9th or 10th birthday.

I also had no idea that a lot of Gore Shriek issues were uploaded here for me to go nuts over so many years after they were initially released. I haven’t really had a chance to go through them yet, but I had to get this up here. I did get through the first issue issue though, and Gore Shriek gets my approval based on that one issue alone.


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3 responses to “Gore Shriek

  1. Ah, Goreshriek! I have the Delectus publication and will plough through those others to see which bits I haven’t got… Taboo was awesome too, as was Fly in My Eye. Have you seen those at all?

    Horror Geek at http://www.bookgeeks.co.uk; http://thenightman.wordpress.com

  2. absurdandobscure

    I’ve heard about Fly In My Eye, but have not yet seen it good sir.

    Did you get the Delectus when it came out, or did you get it second hand?

  3. Got it around 1987-90 when I was at college, from the Odyssey 7 comic shop in Manchester, UK. They used to sell all the independent horror b/w comics. I’d imagine all these are near impossible to purchase these days, although Steve Bissette’s blog might be a way in, especially for the Taboos… http://srbissette.com/?page_id=1273.
    I have Fly in My Eye, Daughters of Fly in My Eye, and Saturday Mourning Fly in My Eye – all published by Arcane/Eclipse. I’m not sure if any others were published. I’ll list the contents if you or anyone else is interested?

    Horror Geek at http://www.bookgeeks.co.uk; http://thenightman.wordpress.com

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