Savage Streets Official DVD Release!

It’s available for pre-order at Amazon, and hopefully it actually comes out on the 23rd of September and doesn’t get pushed back.

Amazon lists it as being sold through Navarre Corporation, but the Navarre site says it’s being released through BCI Eclipse – the same fantastic individuals that released the long overdue Ultraman, He-Man and She-Ra DVD box sets.


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2 responses to “Savage Streets Official DVD Release!

  1. David

    It’s a BCI release under the “Deimos” imprint.

    Navarre corporation owns BCI, so that’s where the confusion comes in.

  2. LindaBlair

    I saw this movie in Vhs,Linda Blair’s interpretation was straordinary! She’s my favourite actress and I seen all her movies. Savage Streets it’s not one of my favourites,but it’s good!
    Thanks 4 posting the news of Dvd release!!


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