This Is What UMEZZ Looks Like

I would like to thank SAME HAT! for bringing this photo of Mr. Mezz to my attention.

I passed on this photo on to a friend of mine who responded by telling me that some people think that Kazuo Umezu looks like the singer of Laughin’ Nose (pictured below).

Sure, the resemblance is there, but who gives a shit about how similar they look? The only thing that matters is that when you put UMEZZ and Laughin’ Nose side by side, it’s that much easier to see how easily UMEZZ wipes the floor with these jags. If you don’t believe me, watch these two piles of shit.

Terrible Video #1 Terrible Video #2

star spangled sequined ensemble > pink pants


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2 responses to “This Is What UMEZZ Looks Like

  1. dude, AND Umezu is a better singer to boot!

    Also, he’s better at being a punk!

    So where does that leave the Nose boyz?

    ps: here is an old post which catalogs a lot of the nifty stuff available via his site:

  2. absurdandobscure

    That video is pretty excellent, but I like this one way, WAY more.

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