Either I have a lot of friends,

or people that I don’t even know are checking this thing way more often than I expected. Especially considering that I’ve barely touched this site/page/blog/apparatus/display of technological wizardry in two whole months.

…and for that, I sincerely apologize.

I never figured out how to get an e-mail address that’s more official sounding than absurdandobscure at gmail dot com, but whatever, it’ll do. So if there are any lurkers out there who used to (or maybe still?) look at this thing, feel free to send me a picture of your record/toy/high five/cat collection.

Why haven’t I been putting up totally interesting/nonsensical/witty content for so long you ask? Was I riding elephants in India? Was I windsurfing in Iceland?  Was I buying thousands of dollars worth of wax at Amoeba? Unfortunately the answer to all of those is, “No.” The stupid part is that I wasn’t even doing anything amazing. Well, not every day for two months straight anyway.

See you at G-Fest.

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