These Vans Are Jamaican Me Crazy Mon!

Ninety eight dollars for a pair of Vans? Did H.R. and Co. make them themselves out of bong water, dreadlocks, and a positive mental attitude? Can you smoke them? Ughhhhhhh……….

I’m so glad that this shitty magazine was gracious enough to fill me in on something that I was wrong about all along! I had no idea that Black Flag was from Washington D.C.! For more than a decade I thought they were from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. Idiots.*

…and who would pay that much for a shirt? Or that jacket? Especially with such simple designs?

Don’t get me wrong, Bad Brains are awesome. Rock For Light and the ROIR stuff is absolutely incredible, so if you don’t own either of those, you need to get them both ASAP…but do I need to blow that much money on lame Bad Brains gear? No. Does anyone? No.

*Editor’s Note: Black Flag is definitely not from D.C., they’re infamously known for being from L.A./southern California.

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