Hardcore Of Weekend – Saturday – Last Repos Show (03.29.08)

Nobody wants to take Greyhound under any circumstance, but it was worth it for this:

I woke up way later than I had planned on and ended up missing my ride to Madison for the last Repos show. Rather than bother everyone that I know and beg them to give me a ride, I immediately got a Greyhound ticket, got whatever I needed together and took off. After eating a horrible piece of pizza at a hotel restaurant downtown, I tried to waste as much time as possible in the gift shop at the bus station. I couldn’t have been there more than three minutes. Not even the hot assortment of silk screened AC/DC dog tags could keep me there. Paintbox and an old guy that did nothing but sleep while sitting next to me kept me company all the way to Milwaukee. Milwaukee to Madison, and actually, the whole ordeal was a breeze overall. Only a drooling baby, a shoeless hippy mom, an Amish (or maybe Mennonite?) family, and a skinny, 5’6” or less kid trying so hard to make the skinhead look work in his favor stood in my way. After a little more than a mile’s walk from the Madison bus station, I was at the show and ready to take an unnecessary amount of photos. Actually let’s be honest…I could’ve taken three times as many photos if I had a bigger flash card. It was the last Repos show after all.

I only wanted to put up the better stuff from how ever many photos I took, so I decided on ten instead of three hundred something. I also think I took more LOL-inducing photos at this show than at any other that I’ve had my camera at, but I decided to leave them out because I wouldn’t consider most of them to be decent photos anyway. So many “Oh no, I’ve just been moshed!” facial expressions…

Punch In The Face:

Weekend Nachos:

…and then a chunk of the drum set was thrown. Because really, why not?

Said chunk was then Hoffmanized…

The Repos:

I also managed to get a shot of a Dengeki Sentai Changeman fan before my card called it quits. I know I said I picked a “top ten” or whatever, but this was too stupid of a photo to begin with; not to mention an even stupider coincidence that I had this screen shot of whoever the blue guy was (Change Pegasus maybe?) from Changeman at the ready.

The show was great, and so was hearing the drummer for Weekend Nachos tell me how being influenced by the shenanigans of the drummer for Don Caballero subconsciously lead to him throwing part of his drum kit into the audience at this show. Okay, maybe it was intentional and he was totally joking. I have no idea.

Not having to take Greyhound to get back home was an enormous plus. The free, but overbearingly sugary chocolate cake I had after the show was a plus plus. Halfway through it tasted like I was eating a bag of sugar and drinking a bottle of chocolate syrup at the same time. The only downer was finding out that Punch In The Face is definitely breaking up. If they’re busy, then they’re busy. No hard feelings. I’d rather them call it quits now instead of forcing me to wait forever to get my hands on a second LP. No word on set plans regarding new bands with the same guys, but I’m sure that’s bound to happen.

P.S. – You know you can click on the photos to blow them up…right?

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One response to “Hardcore Of Weekend – Saturday – Last Repos Show (03.29.08)

  1. Matt

    I was wondering if there was any way at all to get more pics from the very last repos show.

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