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Terebi Magazine March 2008 - suit and helmet

Given the string of good luck (and fun) that I’ve had with other comics and magazines geared towards younger kids that I’ve gotten a hold of recently, I figured I’d roll the dice on something random again and see if my luck decided to run out or not. Judging by the contents of this month’s issue of Terebi Magazine, my streak shows no signs of wavering.

Terebi Magazine March 2008 - cover

Our friends in Japan say terebi instead of TV, so it makes sense that this entire magazine is devoted to TV shows that little kids (mostly little, yet righteous dudes) would watch. It would also explain the Go-Onger helmet that takes up most of the cover. For purposes that aren’t exactly necessary, let me just say that in case you don’t want to look like an ignorant asshole in front of a Japanese five year old, Go-Onger is actually pronounced “goh-ohn-jyah”. Just sayin’.

Before you even get to the actual contents of the magazine, you can go straight to the fun stuff. This issue had a Kamen Rider X card (kinda lame), a Kamen Rider Kiva pull-start motorcycle (not so lame) and a Go-Onger costume (pretty awesome). Even when you get to the very first page, this magazine is already way different from the likes of Highlights or Nick Magazine or whatever. First off, it comes with a put-it-together-with-the-help-of-your-parents-or-legal-guardian costume (complete with weapon!), and second, not all of the printing is in full color like you’d expect it to be. There are even two weird, thrown in “mini magazines” that don’t fit the page sizes of each other or the magazine itself. Plus one is printed in only red and blue ink, while the other is printed in only purple ink. I don’t get it, but it looks cool. It’s too bad that binding all of that together made for a stiff feeling magazine that isn’t so easy to flip through. Which I assume would be really annoying for a five-year-old kid who wants to hurriedly flip to the maze and puzzle section.

Terebi Magazine March 2008 - cover and extras     Terebi Magazine March 2008 - inside cover     Terebi Magazine March 2008 - poster and suit

Terebi Magazine March 2008 - irregular printing     Terebi Magazine March 2008 - printed panels     Terebi Magazine March 2008 - incomplete helmet

Not only do you get a helmet and “suit”, but you get a gun that transforms into a futuristic evil-thwarting battle rod!

Terebi Magazine March 2008 - gun    Terebi Magazine March 2008 - stick    Terebi Magazine March 2008 - stick and arm

(Too bad they didn’t make paper boots to go with the suit/breastplate. That would’ve been stupid/awesome.)

Check out the instructions for this papercraft wonder (notice the weird crinkles in the pages that show off the magazine’s weird binding):

Terebi Magazine Go-Onger instructions pg. 1    Terebi Magazine Go-Onger instructions pg. 2    Terebi Magazine Go-Onger instructions pg. 3    Terebi Magazine Go-Onger instructions pg. 4

Honestly, I wish this thing didn’t take more than an hour to put together, but I guess if it lets me walk away from the whole thing with photos like the one below, then it’s definitely worth it.

Terebi Magazine March 2008 - helmet

About the photo: I’m pretty surprised at how decent the photo came out, considering I couldn’t see anything. The directions say you’re supposed to punch out all those holes, but it’s not like I’m going to be wearing this thing outside. Also, I just happened to be wearing the hooded sweatshirt. It’s not like it was some prophetic statement about how Speed King (a.k.a. the red guy) is going to start wearing hooded sweatshirts and camo shorts and getting into Youth Of Today or Brotherhood in later episodes something…though that would be incredible.


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