Awesome Book Week: Day 7 – Town Of Hardcore Zineography

I saved the best for last…

TOH book - front

Anyone who claims to know anything about hardcore will tell you that Town Of Hardcore was not only one of the only hardcore fanzines worth reading since the dawn of the new century, but it was the best hardcore fanzine since the narrowly avoided faux technological apocalypse. Anyone who says otherwise is either illiterate or has their heads up their ass when it comes to musical taste (…or is from Europe).

There’s no question that this ‘zine was consistently excellent. Town Of Hardcore somehow found a way to provide insightful, interesting content about a subculture that was (and still is) dominated by shallow, boring “people” that could not be any less creative. I found very few problems with Town Of Hardcore both stylistically and content-wise. It’s hard to speak ill of any publication that covered the best bands hardcore had to offer, and covered them well.

I got a hold of this from the young gentlemen at Eating Rats Records and was lucky enough to pre-order it in enough time to get the 7″ you see below. As for the book itself, it contains every issue of TOH as they originally appeared except for the original contact info being blocked out. Also included are a few ads for TOH, the “issues” that writer/editor Steve Wiltse did in between full-fledged, proper issues, and an old zine that Steve did. I was expecting that these guys wouldn’t drop the ball on the effort required to collect each issue into a book, but I wasn’t expecting that there’d be anything more than that. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

TOH book - back

Another surprise that I wasn’t expecting was getting this book and 7″ shipped to me in a fucking manila envelope. JUST a manila envelope. A single, thin piece of paper glued and taped shut, which gave absolutely zero protection to a book that I’d been waiting months for. These guys definitely shit the bed on that one. I understand trying to cover costs while keeping the price of what you’re releasing fair, but fuck…not at the cost of what I paid for possibly getting beat to shit before I get it! I’m lucky that the 7″ didn’t arrived snapped in half with a book that was bent and dented to the point of illegibility. I’ve also heard that quite a few other people received their book sans ingenious packing paraphernalia. Point is, if you’re going to get this (which I highly recommend), you’ll probably have to mail-order it. Just make sure you give these guys an extra buck or two so they can send the book in something appropriate.


– The Town Of Hardcore Zineography is incredible. You need to get it immediately.

– If you don’t like Town Of Hardcore, or think you wouldn’t like it, then you’ve probably chosen to cultivate a lifestyle and taste in music that you refer to as hardcore that leads me to believe that you are irreversibly mentally deficient.

I want to thank everyone involved with the original Town Of Hardcore ‘zine and those involved that helped get it back in print. I also want to thank the bands that were worth writing about, old and new – without them there would’ve been no TOH.

In short: Straight up…Town Of Hardcore.

TOH book - 7″ Side A

TOH book - 7″ Side B

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    I like how you Xd up for the picture.

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