Awesome Book Week: Day 5 – Shock Value

Shock Value - cover

This cover says it all. If seeing John Waters’ name doesn’t immediately call to mind thoughts of his vision of trashy, wholesome Americana, then you really need to to watch some of his movies. At this point, choosing to avoid a Waters film is just downright un-American.

This version of the book is a little older, though it’s been made available with an even more repulsively attractive cover. I believe the content in both is nearly identical save for the forward/introduction in the newer edition reflecting on the reception of the book since its initial publishing.

I didn’t own my own copy of this until I happened upon this older version in a used bookstore. One of the first things I noticed was the prominently pronounced proof that it had been stepped on…maybe even stomped on.

I then bought it immediately.

Shock Value - stomp print

I’m hoping that someone was so infuriated while reading Waters’ book that in an uncontrollable rage, they felt compelled to stomp on it. Or perhaps an angry parent or grandparent found their youngest, most impressionable son, daughter or grandchild reading this and flew into an swirling hemorrhage of hysterics due to their overprotective and uncultured nature. I can only hope. It also looks like the cover is faded or sun-bleached, which adds another dash of zazz that I’m sure would make Waters proud.

“Okay, we get it, Waters is a big deal. What’s the book about?” Why the life and times and early work of John Waters of course! With chapters titled The Filthiest People Alive, Why I Love Violence and “Do You Have Parents?” how can one not be intrigued by this book? Waters also interviews Herschell Gordon Lewis and Russ Meyer!

Obviously this book was written for the cutting edge American family and not just the ugly fat kid with shitty hair that likes to set stuff on fire.

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