Awesome Book Week: Day 4 – Super7 Mook


If you’re already familiar with Super7, then you either already have this or want this really, really bad but you’re too much of a cheapskate to shell out the bread to call it your own. If you have no idea who or what the fuck Super7 is, here’s an abridged introduction: these maniacs have a rabid affinity for soft vinyl toys and toys in general that are weird/cool looking and/or are impossible to find. The Super7 team also has friends that are equally enamored with collecting. So enamored that I’m willing to bet that anyone featured in this book has treasure chests full of insanity that would put to shame any hipster’s paltry Dunny “collection.”

In other words, these friendly folks mean serious business when it comes to having fun. I don’t mean in the verbal sense either. I mean these adult kids probably own more tangible, pose-able, rocket shooting, fire breathing, limited edition fun than anyone reading this.

I hated waiting for this thing to come out, but I’m pleased with the result. Everything about it is great: the layout, design, photography…excellent execution overall. The best part is that it beats having to hunt down and pay for all the toys they feature!

forty dollars > multiple gazillions of dollars

If you’re still not with me on this, you can double click on their manifesto below.


Super7 Manifesto

Super7 mook back cover
 It even ends with a simple, yet appropriate back cover

Read more about it here     Get it here

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