Awesome Book Week: Day 2 – Queen of Japanese Movie

No that isn’t a typo, that’s actually the name of this book.

Queen Of Japanese Movie and CD

The book breaks down two dozen films into five different series and then lists each film within that series in the chronological order of its release date. All films glossed over in this book are listed below in the format just described.

Stray Cat Rock
Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo
Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter
Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal
Stray Cat Rock: Beat ‘71
Girl’s Junior High School: Bad Habit
Girl’s Junior High School: Trouble At Graduation
Girl’s Junior High School: Too Young To Play Like This
Bad Girl Mako
Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Counterattack
Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Challenge
Girl Boss Guerilla
Girl Boss
Girl Boss: Escape From Reform School
Girl Boss: Diamond Showdown
Girl Boss: Crazy Ball Game
Terrifying Girl’s High School: Women’s Violent Classroom
Terrifying Girl’s High School: Lynch Law Classroom
Terrifying Girl’s High School: Delinquent Convulsion Group
Terrifying Girl’s High School: Animal Courage
Sex And Fury
Female Yakuza Tale
Criminal Women: Killing Melody
Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs

I couldn’t make up some of those names if I tried. Those are all the literal English translations too; it’s not like I threw the original titles into some barely-working translator duct taped to a ouija board. Though the text herein is pretty light – and the text in English even lighter – unfortunately there’s no overview of “pink films” in general. At least there are short bios on Meiko Kaji, Han Bunjaku, Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto. Then again, it does say that it’s part of the Visual Book Series right on the cover so…

I knew going into special ordering this that I’d be getting a lot of eye candy and not a lot of analysis, but that’s fine with me given the layout and reproduction quality of the film stills and posters. I can thank this guy for previewing a book that I otherwise would have been unable to look at before going through the trouble of ordering it. I suggest checking out some of the scans he did to get a better idea of what this book contains. I’d scan more, but what’s the point if he beat me to it? I’m not kidding, look it over. Too bad the poor soul got shorted a cover and an obi.

What caught me off guard was the CD that comes with this book isn’t just some extra piece of plastic. Honestly, I could’ve cared less that it came with this book and was pissed that including it upped the price. It’s not bad though, not bad at all. I never would’ve thought that the soundtrack for Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter would’ve been so…groovy. Keep in mind, these were all made between 1970 and 1974, so it’s not that crazy for some of it to sound like something that would be backing James Brown’s wailing. Nor is it crazy for some of it to sound like something that would be playing in the background at a party while some guy with a shitty moustache incessantly screamed about “tripping out of his mind.” A nice surprise, but I could’ve done without it.

If I haven’t hit the point home hard enough, pay attention: this book is for die hard weirdos only. Honestly, I think it’s great, but without seeing any of these movies (only some are available in the U.S.), you can’t possibly appreciate the contents of this book. In other words, check out as many as you can. (Having an affinity towards violence and/or Japanese women is not required to view any of the aforementioned films but is highly recommended.)

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