I Suggest That You Start Killing Before You Can Kill No More

KFTH logo

I keep forgetting to put together a list of absolutely essential hardcore bands in the hardcore section, but I assure it will happen sooner than later. In the meantime, I suggest checking out Kill From The Heart…ALL of it. This website does a fantastic job of listing older bands, their discographies and biographies. This site is especially important if you’ve only been listening to what you would consider hardcore for a short time. …I shudder at the thought of what some thirteen year old kid considers to be hardcore. Coal Chamber? (hed) p.e.? Throwdown? Comeback Kid? …Let’s hope not.

This site is a literal goldmine of information, even though it hasn’t been updated in years. The guy that originally started doing it is trying to get it up and running here but he’s rebuilding it as he goes along, or at least that’s what he says on the NYU hosted site. It’s been so long I wouldn’t be surprised if he forgot about it! Again, let’s hope not.

So why bring this up if already know KFTH? Because it’s very possible that the site could just up and disappear as the owner/operater/webmaster/core dude no longer attends NYU; meaning NYU doesn’t have to keep it online if they don’t want to. Either way, it’s still fun to look at it.

These are just a few of the many bands listed on Kill From The Heart:
DYS, Gauze, Straight Ahead

Have fun and e-mail the guy(s) who maintain it to see if there’s anything you can do to keep it going (ie submit old photos, scans of albums or interviews, et cetera).

This site is also pretty interesting.

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