Violent Cop: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? (Part One)

Probably not…

Unless the person you were giving it to was me or another Takeshi Kitano fan.

I just tried to watch Violent Cop with a few friends of mine and they couldn’t force themselves to get into it at all. I on the other hand, had a much better idea of what we were getting into before watching it. Though not as agonizingly slow as Boiling Point, Violent Cop‘s pace wasn’t enough to keep my friends interested, whereas I on the other hand…

I’m sure you see where this is going.

To get to the point, I’m glad that at the very least my friends gave it a shot; they probably never would’ve seen it under any other circumstances. That doesn’t really make their impatience any less frustrating though.

To each their own.

More to come when I actually get a chance to finish it.

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