Lee Ving interviewed in Shock Cinema #34

Lee Ving - Shock Cinema #34

Some choice bits from the recent interview:

“Someone at Saturday Night Live realized that there was this thing going on called punk rock, for want of a better term, you know I never felt that’s what we were, I knew we were playing for the audience that thought that’s what THEY were.”

“I said, ‘that’s bullshit,’ we are professionals, we caused $500,000 worth of damages. I counted it myself.”

“I can now afford to live in Bel-Air next door to John Travolta.”

“So I’m reading for the part, I pull out the sledgehammer and go through those motions and Walter’s eyes are very wide at this point, Judith’s too, then I pull the .38, man I thought everyone was gonna need new shorts.”

“How did you end up on a Who’s The Boss? Episode?”

I’ve put up the entire interview in .pdf format below:

Lee Ving in Shock Cinema #34

>>> …and yes, you’re obviously encouraged to actually BUY this. <<<

Also, any respectable bookstore should have this…it wasn’t too hard to get. I will say that waiting for this to be available while knowing that there was “old punk dude” content inside made for a few aggravating and fruitless checks to a number of magazine stands.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can someone please share anecdotes or photos of the following near incomprehensible live event with me?

Lee sings

Did this even happen? I thought this was the type of thing that could only happen in some other alternate universe. Hopefully I’m wrong, and hopefully someone will up a video of this.

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