ATTENTION CHICAGOANS (or those who wish they were):

Shohei Imamura

Already in progress is a two month, 18 film run of works by Japanese director Shohei Imamura at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. If you’re too lazy to click on any of the links, let me just say that The Ballad of Narayama and The Eel are both playing at the Siskel Center and both won the Palm d’Or (the top prize at Cannes). In short, if you’re skeptical and/or don’t give a shit, you should…and you should at the very least see those.

Synopses of scheduled films and showtimes can be viewed here. The series runs until March 4th.

(I had hesitated putting this up earlier, assuming that friends and strangers alike would hold me accountable for their possible dissatisfaction with any number of these films, but then I realized just how rare the chance is to get to see these at all, and changed my mind.)

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