A Wondrous Belvederian Outrage!

If Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons and Facts of Life can (and have) made it to DVD, then why can’t Small Wonder and Mr. Belvedere?

“She’ll enchant you at first sight!”

…and the intro to Mr. Belvedere (Holy shit do I wish that was the opening to Mr. Belvedere.)

Here’s the real opening for it

In all seriousness though, why isn’t Small Wonder on DVD? I could honestly care less about piles of shit that I love to loathe like Mr.Belvedere, but ALF made it to DVD…and even fucking Bravestarr got released. Do the studios that made these honestly think that no one would buy them? That hasn’t stopped other studios from releasing pure sludge that I’d rather not take the time to list; people have been buying that crap too. Even more mind-boggling is that somehow the Captain N, Zelda and original Mario Brothers cartoons are out, but Silverhawks and M.A.S.K. have never been officially introduced to the sleek power of a Digital Versatile Disc. Even the Jaleel White (a.k.a. Steve Urkel) voiced Sonic the Hedgehog DVD is available. All the while stuff that should be at the ready to make gazillions of dollars like Transformers, G.I. Joe and even JEM have seen official releases, but are now out of print due to licensing issues. What kind of country are we living in?!

Click here to let the powers that be know that you want Small Wonder released on DVD. Click here to do the same for Mr. Belvedere.

Although it’s neither from the 80’s, nor a TV show, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is also unavailable in the US…many frowns. Hopefully this trailer will reverse those frowns.

Wait…is Webster not available either? FUCK…

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