Damn Japanese kids…

they get all the cool stuff. This month’s issue of COROCORO Comic (コロコロコミック) proves it.

I love that taking the plastic wrap off this:

corocoro 01.08

Allows it to turn into this:

corocoro 01.08 - free stuff

This is all the stuff in the photo:

– multiple flip-out pages within the comic

– double-sided poster

– embossed and scored clear plastic sheet that folds up into a card deck case

– smaller manga/tankoban with gold foil cover

– Super Smash Bros. X game guide

– booklet with info for the Doraemon baseball game for DS

– some other random booklet/ad for helicopter-type toys (that you apparently shoot at people?)

– 1 Duel Masters card

– 1 Rock Man (a.k.a. Mega Man) card

– “board game” (that looks like it might play like Candyland)

Stuff that’s still inside:

– scratch off game

– mini comic-type insert

All this junk came wrapped together and tucked inside itself for a pretty reasonable $7.00 (If I bought this in Japan it would be under $5.00). The question is, who cares if a lot of it is promoting stupid garbage? Wouldn’t you shit your pants over this if you were five years old? Okay, maybe not; maybe you’d expect this level of free shit to come with your monthly manga purchase.

Looking at it from a different perspective, if you were to erase all the crap that they’re advertising in here and put something worthwhile in it’s place (use your imagination), just think how cool this amalgamation of stuff would be. From a design perspective, I think it would be amazing to get a chance to put together something on this grand of a scale. Keep in mind though, that this was cheap because they make a ton of these every month. If you were to pay to do something like this out of your own pocket, your head would explode. When it comes down to it, honestly…I’m pretty jealous. Even if all it is is exponentially glorified Cracker Jack toys.

– their site is here –  (you’ll be glad you waited for the commercial to load)

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  1. I love that taking the plastic wrap too. :)

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