Punch In The Face interview in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #296


I put this up because I have a feeling that one of the following applies to you:

– You have no idea who this who band is, but you might still think this interview is funny and interesting.
– You know this band and you like their new record a lot, but didn’t know this interview was even available.
– You know and like this band, you know that this issue of MRR is available and that there’s a Punch In The Face interview in it, yet you live in some alternate universe where you think that not buying things that you’ll like is a good idea for some reason.

If you’re into Punch In The Face, then stop dragging your feet and get this already. If you’re a total maniac, you’d buy two issues, tear out the interview in both and have the whole thing framed. Somebody do this and send me a photo…please? Enjoy. (Click on each image twice to blow it up and make it legible.)

PITF page 1 PITF page 2 PITF page 3 PITF page 4

You can get this at probably any record store on the planet, or you can order it.

If you don’t know who these guys are or what they sound like, you can get yourself acquainted by going here.

Of course, you could always buy the record from the band.

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