“You people just ruined Daredevil.”

Daredevil #187

I forget what prompted me to look up old Miller issues of Daredevil the other day, but I was pretty taken aback upon seeing this amongst drawers of other comics. Its straightforward cover stuck out like a brick of gold in a pile of shit. This is such a great cover.

While being decidedly minimalist, it’s rather direct and carries a heavy impact without being boring. Even the use of color is stripped down to just black and red. Given the fact that a majority of this cover is white, it’s a stretch to speak of it as being frenetic, but I don’t think it’s totally unfair to say so. The space that the illustration occupies in relation to the frame of the page is excellent, and the “dialogue” is the icing on the cake. Awesome cover.

As far as what’s inside this issue, Daredevil’s senses are going haywire and ninjas are involved. Saying anything else would ruin it for you. I will say however, that Janson and Miller pull together elements that make this superhero comic more enjoyable than most; but then again, I’m sure you already know that.

“What about the quote at the beginning of this entry? What’re you talking about?” Believe it or not, it’s an actual quote from reader mail published in this issue – #187.

Also, just in case you were curious what Frank Miller would look like on top of a pile of dead bodies, I’ve gone through the effort of including this photo:

Miller and corpses

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