Completely Doomed

(Notice the white knuckles of excitement.)

Within these black and white pages are sixteen different comics adapted from earlier written works. So what if they’re adaptations and not the originals? You have A.D.D., so what do you care? You should be thanking these guys for doing you the favor of putting these stories into comic form.

You should especially be thanking Ashley Wood for such a favor. Wood’s distinctive art helps flesh out a fourth of these sixteen tales and the illustrations for every one of those four stories is definitely impressive. Sure the written content itself is important, but there is a dynamic that I’m willing to say would be unreachable if it weren’t for Wood’s take on the stories. The part that I didn’t expect was that a large majority of both the art and the adaptations were quite above par. Saying that Completely Doomed is something like Tales From The Crypt, but in book form would be unfair. It’s the best analogy that I can think of, though Doomed remains far more stylized and lacks the kitsch that Tales often allows for.

To be honest, the adaptation of Richard Matheson’s Crickets was the only story that I hated (though the art does just fine). There were only two others that I could either take or leave. What gets me is that the adaptation of Matheson’s Blood Son and Legion of Plotters come across really well.

The bottom line is that this is one of the better collections of printed matter I’ve seen in months, and this is far from the hit or miss book that I assumed it would be. It’s not without its flaws, but Completely Doomed seems as if it fully actualized what it was set out to be: great.

If you’re not convinced you can read more about it here.

I was going to put up a few pages from a story here and there, but that would spoil the fun wouldn’t it? If you absolutely have to ruin it for yourself, there are a few pages (and the whole first story) that you can check out by clicking the link below.

You can get Completely Doomed here along with single issues and even a trade paperback with just the stories Wood adapted and did the art for.

About the photo: I was going to write about how I thought (and still think) that this is good enough to eat…but upon looking at the ridiculous and/or horribly embarrassing photos of me looking like I was getting ready to take an enormous chunk out of the book with my gaping mouth, I decided to go with terribly off center photo that you see above.

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