What the fuck, Mr. T?

You are both asleep and skydiving.

A-Team #3 cover

I have a hard time believing that anyone, especially fans of the original A-Team TV show would shell out any money at all to read this. Though I guess if you love the A-Team, then you’d be buying the comic because you couldn’t get enough B.A. Baracus…and let’s be honest…there’s no such thing as “too much” B.A. Baracus. Either way, this was worth the fifty cents I spent on it.

I’ve gone through the trouble of scanning some of the more enjoyable/ridiculous frames/panels for you to gawk at. The best of which is probably the one immediately below.

pay attention

C’mon…When B.A. talks you shut the fuck up and listen.


Select moments of intense A-Team action:

eff cowboys hot lead


Notice that B.A. just says, “Fool plane!” Uhh…?

fool plane


So bad…



Last but not least, the talented yet foilable B.A.:

my talents shoosh


Ads included in this issue and a photo of Mickey Mouse:

get on the jazz moon patrol ad mickey mouse with his identity protected
(Yes, his eyes are blocked out and no, I don’t know why…maybe to protect his identity?)

Today, this is unnecessary piece of garbage, but it probably wasn’t as much of a pile of shit when it came out. Even though I understand that tastes change, this thing probably never tasted good…ever. Who gives a shit though? It’s The A-Team. Besides, like I said, it only cost me one half of an American dollar (plus tax).

By the way, reproduction quality sure has come a long way in 25 years hasn’t it?

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