Gundam Unicorn

All these scans are from the new Gundam: The Selection, a catalog in magazine form put out by Dengeki Hobby Magazine. Saying that it’s a catalog might be a little unfair, but this thing has a lot of info on the Gundam 00 (pronounced “double oh”) show, kits, toys and all the other newest non-00 Gundam stuff.

Also, for those Gundam fans that are both rich and on the go, you can now get an official Gundam cell phone and dock, and Gundam luggage. What’s funny is that all of it looks cool.

I’m not kidding.

If these scans aren’t enough, you can get a copy here.

Gundam Unicorn Art

Gundam Unicorn MG Kit

Finished Unicorn Kits

The site for the cell phone is pretty amazing. You don’t need to know Japanese to check it out either…just keep hitting the NEXT button. The page on the Lalabit site for the luggage however, is far less impressive.

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